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Notable Updates and Changes to Post-Release PC Games

Jan 2018

Dark Souls PTD
Dark Souls PTD is receiving the remastered treatment and is due to be released on PC in May. The original PC version, released in 2012, was rushed and was a terrible port requiring a user's mod to fix. At this point, there is no indication that owners will receive any discount on the new game. As fans have got the original running pretty well now, it remains to be seen whether there will be sufficient improvements to warrant paying the full whack for the new version. It will include a new chapter that takes place in the past and also have new areas, enemies, weapons, armor, NPCs, and bosses.
Nvidia will no longer be releasing drivers for 32 bit operating systems. Driver version 390 will be the last to support it. Nvidia are not the only ones. Apple requires apps to support 64 bit architecture and Intel is planning to remove BIOS support by 2020. Android apps have a cut-off date of August 2019. Ubuntu has already stopped offering a 32 bit installation. If you're unsure what version of Windows you have, bring up the control panel and click on the system icon. If it says 32 bit, you need to start thinking of updating your operating system.

Dec 2017

Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition
Neverwinter Nights is a RPG that was released in June of 2002 by Bioware. It was followed by three expansion packs and then the sequel, Neverwinter Nights 2, in 2006. To this day, the game still has a strong community that keeps pumping out new content and multiplayer is still available. This game is not available on Steam, but can be purchased through Gog. Recently, Beamdog announced the coming of Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition, which will be available on Steam. Head over to Beamdog if you want to get involved in the Pre-order chance to play early.
Activision's four Transformers games and their DLC plus Legend of Korra have all been delisted on Steam and the PS4. There was no advance notice and no reason given, but most assume it's a licensing issue. Curiously, for now, the games remain available on Xbox Live, but that could change. Sometimes games will show up again once the issues are resolved, but it's a wait and see. It's not the first time that Activision has suddenly removed games. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan, and the Spider-Man games were removed earlier in the year.

Oct - Nov 2017

Never say die! Mafia 1 returns after five years on the shelf due to it's expired music license. Gog had the exclusive for a short time, but it's now available on Steam as well in a single or triple pack with the sequels. There's nothing new about the game except an edited soundtrack.
Black Mirror
Black Mirror, a three game point-and-click franchise, was a Gothic horror hit with its fans. Six years later, THQ Nordic has added another chapter to the story with a new protagonist and a more modern approach.
Titan Quest Anniversary Edition
In Aug of 2016, THQ Nordic released a 10 year anniversary edition of Titan Quest free to those who already owned the game. It combined Titan Quest and Titan Quest Immortal Throne into one game, restored multiplayer functionality and introduced support for new modding options as well as many other improvements. Nov 2017 saw the release of its first DLC for this edition called Titan Quest: Ragnarok.
Charity bundle game sites may be going the way of the dodo bird. In Oct 2017, Humble was acquired by IGN, the entertainment media company. The site was already beginning to look and act like a mainstream digital distributor as opposed to the charity bundle site of its roots.
Bundle Stars has also seen a change, rebranding its site under the new name Fanatical.
No Man's Sky
Since No Man's Sky's release under a stormy cloud in 2016, it has slowly been redeeming itself with update after update. In August, the third in a line of large updates called Atlas Rises includes some preliminary multiplayer features, 30 hours of story content and a revamped quest system. Steam reviews are creeping up from mostly negative to mixed, so it's moving in the right direction. At this point, the game may be worth another look.
Sad news - Hob and Torchlight developer, Runic Games, has closed down. It's fallen victim to the latest trend of big publishing, which has decided that video games are no longer products, but services. China-based Perfect World Entertainment, which acquired a majority stake in Runic in 2010, has decided that Runic doesn't fit in with this model. Runic's head, Marc Lefler, wrote a heartfelt note of thanks to its supporters. Runic Games. Their games are still available.

June - July 2017

The award winning Flash game Machinarium by Amanita Design now has a remastered edition, which has been freely updated to previous owners. The game has been rebuilt replacing the outdated Flash with a custom made DirectX engine. In addition, controller support, new achievements, languages and cloud saving have been introduced.
Dying Light
Techland, the developer of Dying Light, has launched their own online game store called Gemly. They will offer select titles from other publishers as well as exclusive content for their own games. This move comes in conjunction with the announcement that Dying Light will be getting 10 free DLC packs over the coming year.

April - May 2017

Bulletstorm Full Clip
Bulletstorm received the remastered treatment including a remastered price that didn't go over too well. However, it's apparently just as much fun to play as it always was. It includes all the challenge and co-op maps and the new purchasable DLC replaces Grayson with Duke Nukem.
Alan Wake
The base game Alan Wake, developed by Remedy, is no longer available for sale at this time due to a music licensing issue. If a renegotiation takes place, it may turn up again. For now, the DLC can still be purchased and owners can still play it. Alan Wake's American Nightmare is not affected.


Lots of good stuff for single-player fans who love a good story

When THQ went bankrupt, it was unclear if we would ever get to meet the third horseman of the apocalypse. Fear not, Darksiders 3 is scheduled for release in 2018. You'll get to play Fury as a mage in a quest to beat the Seven Deadly Sins.
Metro Exodus is a not-quite open-world sandbox survival game that might scratch the itch for STALKER fans as well. It will feature the return of Artyom from Metro Last Light as he moves above ground in search of a new home. It's due to be released sometime in 2018.
System Shock screenshot
Lots of anticipation for the complete reboot of System Shock developed by Night Dive Studios after a successful Kickstarter campaign. Its due to be released in the first half of 2018.
Vampyr screenshot
Dontnod (Life is Strange) will be releasing an entirely different type of game in 2018 called Vampyr and have launched a four part web series highlighting the game's elements.
Wolf Among Us screenshot
The Wolf Among Us
Finally! After being hounded by fans for three years, Telltale announces The Wolf Among Us 2 coming sometime in the latter half of 2018. The Walking Dead Season 4 is also on the way.