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Left 4 Dead 2 screenshot
Left 4 Dead 2 screenshot
Left 4 Dead 2 screenshot
FPS, Horror Survival

LEFT 4 DEAD 2: Nov 2009
DEVELOPER: Valve Corporation
GENRE: FPS, Horror Survival
MODES: Single-player, Co-op
STEAM RATING: Overwhelmingly Positive


LEFT 4 DEAD 2: Nov 2009
DEVELOPER: Valve Corporation
GENRE: FPS, Horror Survival
MODES: Single-player, Co-op
STEAM RATING: Overwhelmingly Positive

REVIEW: Played Dec 2010 - 2016
REVIEW: Played Dec 2010 - 2016

In games where the main focus is on multiplayer, many people want to know whether its single-player mode makes the game worth purchasing. As a single-player myself, I often have the same question and so I bought this game mainly for the purpose of being able to write this review and answer that question.

Firstly, I found the game's menu confusing. There are quite a few modes available, but all of them bar the one that says single-player are for playing online. I found this out by clicking on them and finding myself thrust into the middle of an online game. I'm sure the players were just as surprised as I was and after quickly dying, I made a hasty retreat. Nothing in the menu really warns you of this and the particular labels such as realism, survivor, mutation, scavenger, versus etc. are not self-explanatory. There is a way to play some of these modes singly, but it involves entering codes and cheats into the console. I did experiment with this very briefly and experienced some graphical issues, but didn't feel like investing the time in it to see if there was a way to fix this. If you visit forums, you will see all of these terms being discussed and it can be very confusing to the novice.

Left 4 Dead 2 screenshot

In regards to the single-player portion, I found this sequel better than its predecessor although both games have their loyal fans and will argue the point. You play as one of a team of four and even with bots for partners, you really get the sense of belonging. In fact, the game is structured in such a way that you must integrate and act with the team or you will die. You must also protect them, and they you, or you will die. In other words, you must always be aware of being a team. This principle applies in any of the modes. I normally don't care for team games, but this one did a very fine job of it.

Your team is referred to as the survivors and stranded in a hotel with the area swarming with zombies, you must make your way to a final extraction point and safety. The campaigns and levels are divided by reaching safe houses along the way where you will find supplies of weapons, ammo and health. There are no saves in between, so you and your team must survive the level. Although the distance between safe houses is fairly short, the intensity forces you to move slowly and so the game might seem longer than it actually is. If you die, the level fails, but if a bot team member dies, you can continue playing and are also given a chance to revive than person. You can share health and I can't stress enough how important it is to keep all of the team alive, as your chances of surviving are much lower if somebody dies. Fortunately, the bots are very quick and have keen eyesight and will save your butt often. You must return the favor.

Enemies consist of various types of the "infected" ranging from mobs of run-of-the mill zombies to those with specific abilities. The game is quite challenging, so you will get replay value. The levels are also designed to never play exactly the same way twice, so you still have to keep sharp every time through. If you're into achievements, there's lots to be had, but you'll find the stats somewhat skewed as a single-player as only you will be able to perform certain actions such as operating big guns, using bombs, the chainsaw, the grenade launcher or melee weapons. The bots also like to jump in front of you just as you're pulling the trigger and then chew you out for shooting them.

Although I have plenty of hours in this game, mainly due to restarting levels, the single-player portion really is quite short. There was one level added later and the last campaign is taken from the first Left4Dead and played as the original survivors. It would be nice if they added further single content. However, you can play this game a long time if you opt into multiplayer and this is the first game, so far, that has actually tempted me. There's lots of new content being added there. If you would like to try multiplayer, this would be a good introductory game as the concept is simple and you can focus on improving your skills. I would advise researching this first though, as some of the more serious community can be quite unforgiving of inexperienced players and they like you to have a microphone. Getting vote kicked out of games seems to be a common occurrence in some of the modes.

I encountered very little technical problems besides the occasional momentary hitch where the games freezes for a moment. Otherwise, the game looks good and plays smoothly on my system. It's a fun game, but I wouldn't pay a great deal for it unless you go multiplayer. Unfortunately, there are many complaints about the toxic community and people advise that you stick to playing with friends.

Update March 23, 2011: Valve has also added an official community made campaign in beta form called Cold Stream and announced that it will be porting the original Left 4 Dead maps into Left 4 Dead 2.

Update Note: March, 2015: Left 4 Dead 2 now includes all Left 4 Dead maps. However Left 4 Dead can still be purchased and also has many community made mods.

Note: Something about this game just kept drawing me back to it and so I started doing a little more investigation into mods. I discovered that there were many community made add-on campaigns that could be played as single-player. I have so far added and played about 35 of these getting super value from the game. In fact, I've just left the game installed for years and occasionally play it every once in a while.

Game Issues Experienced

Happily none. See Install Mods and Install Workshop mods for instructions on how to install the mods. Any mods tagged co-op can be played as a regular single-player game. Create a folder for Left 4 Dead mods and save the downloads to this folder. Remember to scan them with your anti-virus program before unzipping them to the add-on folder located in the Steam folder. If you need a zip program, you can download 7-zip free from cnet.
The following is a list of very playable single-player add on campaigns.
  • I Hate Mountains / Dead Before Dawn DC / 2 Evil Eyes / Lost / Tour of Terror / City 17 / We Don't go to Ravenholme / Carried Off / Haunted Forest / One 4 Nine / Vienna Calling 1 / Heaven Can Wait 2 / Escasion / Payload Hoodoo / Overkill / 7 Hours Later 2 / Left 4 Mario / Dead City 2 / Deadly Dispatch / Detour Ahead / Diescraper Redux / Night Terror / Disturbed in the Suburbs / Arena of the Dead 2 / Damit 2 / Dead Echo 2 / Clamtoll / Indiana Jones/ Drop Dead Gorges /

Development Note

The first Left 4 Dead was done in co-operation with Turtle Rock Studios, which was acquired by Valve in 2008 and known as Valve South. Turtle Rock (Evolve) was re-founded in 2011 as an independent company. The second game was developed solely by Valve.

Pre-release, the game experienced a high volume of controversy from some quarters for its graphic violence. However, it was very well-received on release. Conversely, fans of the first game got up-in-arms over the perceived idea that Valve was not supporting them by releasing a sequel so soon after Left 4 Dead. Some players called for a boycott, which garnered thousands of signatures, but in the end Valve was able to satisfy their concerns.

NOTE: For the vast majority of PC games, many digital distributors will offer "Online" CD keys that can be added to your Steam Library
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  • Genre: FPS, Survival Horror
  • Developer(s): Valve Corporation
  • Publisher(s): Valve Corporation
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, OS X, Linux
  • Release: Nov 2009
  • Mode(s): Single-player, 4-player Co-op, 4vs4 Multiplayer
  • Media: Download, Optical Disc
  • DLC Available: Now includes L4D 1
  • OS: WindowsXP, Vista32/64, Windows7 32//64
  • CPU: Intel Pentium 4 3Ghz
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Hard Drive: 13GB free space
  • Video: DirectX 9.0c, 128MB ATI X800, NVidia 6600 or better
  • Sound: DirectX 9.0c compliant
  • Shader Model: 2
  • Input for PC: Keyboard & Mouse, Controller
  • DRM: Steamworks
NOTE: Minimum requirements are those officially published at the time of the game's release.
Official Site - Valve   Blog
Patches: Steam Auto Update
Game Includes Source SDK
L4D2 Maps
Steam Workshop
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  • Version:  Steam Download
  • OS:  Windows 7 SP1 (initially played on XP)
  • CPU:  Intel Core i5-3570K 3.40GHz
  • Ram:  8GB
  • Disk Drive:  DVD/CD
  • Video:  ATI Radeon HD 7870 2GB
  • Shader Model:  5
  • DirectX:  11
  • Resolution:  1650 x 1050
  • Input:  Keyboard & Mouse
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